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Civil law

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- Contract law
- Purchase law
- Lease law
- Service contracts law
- Real estate law
- Social law
- Commercial law
- Family law
- Inheritance law

Civil law is a broad legal field. It regulates mutual relations between persons, which may be both private and legal persons, such as limited liability companies, limited partnerships and publicly trading companies. In the centre stands a contract that may have different contents. We systematically advise you before conclusion of the contract; we draft contracts and estimate what you can claim from it. In addition, an important role is played by the actions that have caused the damage. We analyse your damages and provide you with an expert opinion about the range of compensation you can achieve. Despite good intentions and precise contracts legal disputes cannot always be avoided. Anyone can found itself in unwanted legal dispute, in the car accident, phone imposed contract, unfulfilled construction activities or loud neighbours. For many conflicts there is a solution before going to court, that we elaborate and present to you. Litigation is not always the most convenient choice. By precise work you can often obtain your rights without litigation.At this point we would like to give you a brief insight into possible legal cases that regularly play role in our daily work and which our clients are facing.