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Criminal law

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Attorney-at-law Alois Kovač is an attorney specialized in criminal law, able to represent and advise you in all areas of criminal and misdemeanour law. The state has the right of criminal prosecution which is enforced by the state attorney's office and the police. As soon as the authorities raise criminal law objections there is some existing doubt. In any case, it is smart to consult an attorney, as there is still a valid rule: Without an attorney - keep quiet!

Effective criminal defence starts as soon as it is possible. As soon as the state launches the investigation, attorney can raise the decisive guidance for the further course of criminal proceedings. Regardless of the type of measure in question, arrest, search, or examination, it is only professional assistance that can lead the case to the right path. We assist you from the first measure conducted by state up to the criminal judgment and execution of possible penalties.

At the very beginning of the investigation we contact investigative authorities and lead discussions through which we examine opinions of investigators in order to intensely focus our work on the termination of proceedings. We may also act vigorously towards investigating bodies and the court in order to protect your interests by setting the necessary requirements for the presentation of evidences. In addition, we advise and represent you at the stage of submission of legal remedies, in order to achieve a better result at the second-degree instances.

In the area of misdemeanour law more and more sophisticated and accurate techniques leads to new issues for drivers. The radar and laser devices can no longer be examined on their functionally without person having specialist knowledge. Many measurements that lead to driving bans are not proper, the results achieved by measurements are inaccurate and photos are not usable because the person concerned is difficult to recognize. Despite all that many people are averse to turn for specialist’s assistance in order to avoid the negative consequences that are threatening to them. For you we are seeking access to the documents and accurately check whether they are in compliance with the rules of measurement procedure and instructions for handling technical devices.