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"The Ten Commandments are so brief and logical because they came without the participation of lawyers." - Charles de Gaulle

Civil Law

Of course, I respect the law. But even with the law you should not be so picky.
Konrad Adenauer

Civil law is a broad legal field. It regulates mutual relations between persons, which may be both private and legal persons, such as limited liability companies, limited partnerships and publicly trading companies. In the centre stands a contract that may have read more

Labour law

Personalities are shaped not by beautiful speeches, but by work and own performance.
Albert Einstein

An employment contract stands in the centre of the labour law. There are many provisions on national and international levels that affect the labour law. We can follow you through these provisions and can consult you extensively both from the perspective of the employee and employer, e.g. with the preparation of employment contracts, termination of the previous read more

Tenancy law

We made it fifty percent, but that's not half the battle yet.
Rudi Völler

Almost every natural person, but also legal entities, are concerned with tenancy law. It is very extensive and essentially regulates the relationship between tenant and landlord. A very large part of the law deals with the justification, the form and the termination of a read more

Inheritance law

Experiences are not inherited - everyone has to do it alone.
Kurt Tucholsky

In an objective sense, the term inheritance law also refers to the legal norms dealing with the transfer of a person's (testator's) assets upon death to one or more other persons. read more

Croatian inheritance law

Even the most obsessed vegetarians do not like biting the grass.
Joachim Ringelnatz

In the meantime, the first generation of so-called "Gastarbeiters" that arrived in Germany during fifties and sixties, come to the years in which facing their own deaths begins to play a role. Of course, that raises the question what would happen with their inheritance The situation becomes complicated when that inheritance is located read more

Croatian family law

No marriage is worth as much as their divorce costs.
Rolf Hochhut

A frequently occurring issue in the work of our law firm is that of the applicable law in family matters. This question arises because Croatian citizens increasingly enter into different legal relationships that affect other legal systems outside Croatia. The mere fact that Croatian citizens live in the Federal Republic of Germany creates an intensive relationship with the German legal system and regulations read more

Criminal law

Nothing in this world is safe, except the broadcasting contribution, the tax and the death.
Christian Ivanic

Effective criminal defence starts as soon as it is possible. As soon as the state launches the investigation, attorney can raise the decisive guidance for the further course of criminal proceedings. Regardless of the type of measure in question, arrest, search, or examination, it is only professional assistance that can lead the case read more

Road Traffic law

Whether driver or pedestrian, it's as much fun as it is chirping.
Joachim Panten

All regulations connected with participation in public road traffic are related to the road traffic law – from issuance of driver's licence, through restrictive measures to the criminal procedures. When participating in the road traffic one can easily exceed read more

Private International law

We used to suffer from crime, now we suffer from laws.

Private international law deals with private legal relations beyond national borders, e.g. goods purchased abroad, international transports or divorce cases of foreign marriages. Often it is not clear law of which country applies in a given case, which courts are competent and how judgments can be enforced read more